Best Solar Chargers For Cell Phones

Looking for a great solar chargers for cell phones for your electronic products?

See this selection of the best charging devices below. If you are like me, you want to make sure that your smartphone is always charged and working. When you are on the go, there are not many things more annoying than being cutoff from the rest of the world due to a drained battery. These unique high tech solar chargers for cell phones provide 100% green energy and are affordable for most all budgets.

I really think the fact is that this unit comes with a lifetime guarantee. Since it also comes with seven charging device adapters, it can be used to charge other types of smartphones, iPads, tablets and more. I love the flexibility of this item. For me it gives a good sense of communication security in most environments.

Now please take a look at the list of the best solar chargers for cell phones I have chosen for you.

Best Selling Solar Chargers For Cell Phones

sCharger-5 High Performance, Fast, Solar Charger, Quickly Charges iPhone, iPod, Android Phones, Samsung, eReaders, and Many Other USB Devices Directly From Sunlight. And Extremely Reliable.

The sCharger-5 is a high end solar charger especially designed to quickly charge iPhones, iPhone 5, Android phones and other electronic gadgets including GoPro cameras, GPSs, eReaders, AA and other USB batteries.

  • “All of the other solar chargers I own, take all day, or more than a day, to charge even just a battery.” – G. Nelson
  • “This solar panel is the best thing for your emergency kit and I thank the manufacturer for creating such a great product.” – Survivor 2012
  • “It is thin, convenient, lightweight, has a built-in universal USB port for any device, and folds up to fit in a small bag or large pocket.” – Isaac
Sunforce  AC/DC Power Converter

The Sunforce AC to DC Power Converter will convert your AC power to DC power so you can use your 12 Volt products at the home, office or on the road. Ideal for use with coolers, fans, cell phones, spotlights and more, this product is small, compact and easy to transport.

  • “So far, all is working well and I’m happy with this purchase.” – Florida Gal
  • “Works great to run my auto type cd player/amfm radio in my garage.” – Ralph T. Mcmillen
  • “It wasn’t worth the aggravation of returning it.” – John
Solar Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger

JOOS Orange gives you power anywhere without the compromises of other portable solar chargers. It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, it reliably delivers power where and when you need it.

  • “Out of all the portable chargers I have owned, this one is by far the best that I have ever owned.” – JustinCruse
  • “The unit itself is quite sturdy and well built.” – Mikel D. Rodriguez
  • “It actually, really, charges.” – Tetsu Noguchi
ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL Battery Charger with 4000mAh Power Bank , Universal USB Charge Port , Rapid-Charge Adapter Panel & LED Flashlight for Smartphones , Tablets , mp3 Players , Digital Cameras & More!
Accessory Power

Harness the Power of the Sun!High-Capacity, High-Efficiency!The ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL is a solar powered portable battery charger & LED flashlight with an amazing 4000mAH capacity – enough to fully charge most smartphones more than 2 times! Included add-on panel enables rapid 580mAh solar charging to full in just 11 hours of direct sunlight.

  • “Some of the solar chargers are too small to charge up fast enough.” – DR
  • “So when not using it and just carrying it around in a backpack, it would constantly get pushed and would drain the battery without me knowing.” – The Sharks
  • “Came back in a few hours (still in direct sunlight on a clear day) and it was still showing the same amount of charge, blinking on the 75%.” – ira_est_a_donum
Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity (6000mAh) Backup Battery Solar Charger with Faster Charging EcoPanel (2013 Model)

The Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Powered Mobile Device Charger allows you to charge your mobile devices when a wall outlet or USB power source are not available.

  • “Great device, worked as expected, did not disappoint!” – Chris T.
  • “I have charged the charger both from the outlet and using the solar panels, both seem to work fine.” – DMG
  • “I go to a lot of conferences and events where I am e-mailing, tweeting, or taking notes on my phone.” – Gus
Powertraveller PMEXP V2 powermonkey eXplorer Version 2.0 Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones, iPods and PDAs

  • “This is a great device to have if you travel.” – raph
  • “When I received the item, the PowerMonkey charged up easily and very easy to use.” – Joc
  • “I should have just bought the battery charger itself and not the solar panel.” – Orlando
SolarAid Power 10 Plus Adventure Kit (Outdoor Recharge Kit)

The SolarAid Power 10 Adventure Kit is an ultra-lightweight USB and solar charging system that fits in your pocket. It can be used as a single unit power pack to power your device, or as a power source to recharge batteries for use in AA or AAA battery powered devices.

  • “The panels are inside the closed case, and the outside contains a zippered mesh pouch puts everything you need right there in a fairly compact package.” – Barbara
  • “A handy piece, provided to me for honest and unbiased feedback.” – Chandler
  • “Simple to setup and use.” – Johnw106
EnerPlex Surfr for Galaxy S III

  • “The solar material is very lightweight compared to any other solar panel.” – K. Jenkinson
  • “It’s just nice to know that the solar aspect of the case works and that in an emergency I’ll be able to get a charge.” – Jeff K
  • “This means that you wake up with a case that is fully charged but a phone with nearly a dead battery.” – Texadian
Portable Solar Charger- StrongVolt SOLAR:6- Charges iPhones, Androids, iPads, Tablets, eReaders, All USB Devices- Great Portable Solar Power for Emergency Kits (One-Year Warranty)

StrongVolt Solar Chargers work with your phones, tablets, GPS or any USB chargeable devices wherever you go. Keep your phone or USB device fully charged anywhere there is sun.

  • “While the phone was off, the charger would only charge it a few percentages after being in the sun for 3 hours.” – Pen Name
  • “I was able to charge my Android phone but not my iPad mini.” – sharon Steusel
  • “The size makes it easy to carry in my back pocket or jacket pocket when we are out exploring.” – PolokingH2O
EasyAcc solar charger panel pack bag for EasyAcc Anker External Battery, Bluetooth Speaker, iPod,Android Smartphone:HTC ONE,Samsung Galaxy S3,Blackberry Z10,Nokia Lumia 920, Mobile DVD,Bluetooth headset and more devices

-Colour : Black
-Solar Power Output: 6W
-USB Power Output: 6W
-Weight: 340 g
-Folded Size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.

  • “The grommets in the four corners allow you to easily tie it to a backpack or hang it on the outside of a tent.” – MikeS
  • “Construction seems very nice.” – stick
  • “I heard that it charges but won’t say that it is charging which I will also test.” – Steven Shortt

Suggestions of the Best Solar Chargers For Cell Phones

Do you have any Solar Chargers For Cell Phones suggestions that you think Solar Chargers For Cell Phones would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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