Best Charger for Lipo Batteries

I am fascinated with charger for lipo batteries these days.

Using a charger for lipo batteries is an extremely affordable option that should do a pretty good job of providing your appliance with a day’s worth of trolling. Your money will be well spent when you purchase a right charger for lipo batteries.

Don’t be hesitated any more!

Best Price Charger for Lipo Batteries

iMAX B6 OEM Battery Balance Charger For 1-6 cell Lipo, Li-ion, LiFe (A123), Pb, 1-15 cells NiCd and NiMH Batteries

* Operating voltage range: DC11.0-18.0 Volt / AC to DC adaptor(DC11.

Customer Reviews
  • “I use this charger for LiPo batteries for RC airplanes, and it works great!” – Andrew
  • “Good buy with no disappointment.” – Guy_Fawks
  • “I feel the problem would not have happened if the instructions were better written.” – Tic-Tac

New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)
New Trent

Unrivaled Power & Speed
The iCarrier packs an impressive 12, 000mAh of power and has a hefty life span of around 500 charge cycles. Charging your phones and tablets faster than any other brands of external battery.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Whether on a day to day basis or in emergency power outages or on camping trips, this unit has a long lasting charge that keeps smart phones and tablets running.” – james c glynn
  • “While it is a bit too big to easily carry in your pocket, it fit easily in your briefcase, backpack or day bag.” – E. Hall
  • “New Trent iCarrier 11000mAh External Battery Pack–I love this product.” – ANJMUN SHARMA

Anker® Astro 3E 10000mAh Dual USB Backup External Battery Pack Portable Power Pack Charger for most Smartphones, Tablets and other USB-charged devices (Apple Adapters- 30 pin and Lightning, NOT Included)

Capacity, charge speed, or portability? With the Anker® Astro 3E, you get all three. Who would’ve thought that 10000mAh could be so compatible, light, and sleek?Four times the juice.

Product Ratings
  • “I’m amazed at how fast it recharges my phone and that it can do it up to 4 times on one full charge!” – Monkey man
  • “I now can sit in an area without a power source and keep my razr phone charged and use all day.” – jeromed
  • “Size is small enough to carry it in your pocket.” – Rob

iMAX B6-AC B6AC Lipo NiMH 3S RC Battery Balance Charger

Dual Power, built-in AC adapter
UndefinedLarge range of charge currents
Store function, allows safe storage current, and data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
Battery break in and cycling
Built-in temperature sensor
Separate voltage detector for balance charge mode.

Consumer Reports
  • “Update: I tried the chargers using a DC power supply and they seem to work OK for basic (non balance) charging but the balance ports on both don’t seem to work.” – Jerry
  • “When charging using AC power with 1S, 2S and 3S LIPO batteries the device reboots and goes back to the start screen.” – TeeJay
  • “I know i have it on the correct voltage setting.” – Fred Smythe

Bastens LiPo Battery Balance Fast Charger for the Parrot AR Drone 2 type batteries

Get more bang for your buck. Bastens charger upgrade not only charges your stock battery faster but also provides a voltage display (total and per cell) for advanced users to help verify the status of your battery.

Tenergy TB6-B 50W Balancing Charger for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe/SLA Battery Packs

The Best ALL-IN-One Universal Charger in the MarketTenergy Octopus Multi Charging Harness Included for free!

Supports the following connector types:
TraxxasTamiyaMini TamiyaJSTHitecEC3Deans

Supports multiple types of battery packs with one single charger! The follow packs are supported:
NiMH/NiCD 1~15 cells ( 1.

  • “I was able to charge at 2C and even 3C without any amp issues, but remember…this is a 900mah battery.” – Stavesacre
  • “Once you get it programmed (read the instructions or watch the Youtube video), it works like a champ.” – Joshua Montgomery
  • “I already own a traxxas ez-peak plus, but was looking for a less expensive alternative for a relative.” – Cruiserrat

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh Portable Charger Backup External Battery World's-Fastest (4A Output) Triple-Port Shake-to-Wake Highest-Energy-efficiency Power Pack for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, other Android Smart Phones and Tablets (Apple adapters and Samsung 30-pin adapter not included)

The all-new 2nd generation Anker® Astro3 recasts the possibilities of mobile power. Keep multiple gadgets powered up better than ever, whatever your adventure.

Product Research
  • “I could charge my phone 4-5 times!” – Laurie Desautels
  • “Love being able to charge my devices without always having to look for an outlet.” – Toby Joseph
  • “This portable charger is a nice sleek black charger with a matte finish and it holds up very well.” – Mobed

Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Battery Packs + Power Supply

* NiMH/NiCD 1~15 cells ( 1.2v to 18v)
* Li-PO/Lithium Ion 1~6 series ( 3.7v to 22.

Consumer Reports
  • “The display is very clear and bright.” – Trevor
  • “This is a really well-built charger that offers many of the same features on much more expensive products.” – timothyjfry
  • “I’ve charged LiPos, NiMhs, and NiCds so far without issues.” – Joseph

Anker 2nd Gen Astro2 9000mAh Portable Power Bank Backup External Battery Charger Rapid-Recharge (3A Output) Dual-Port Shake-to-Wake Portable Highest-Energy-Efficiency Power Pack for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, other Android Smart Phones and Tablets (Apple adapters and Samsung 30-pin adapter not included)

The all-new 2nd generation Anker® Astro2 recasts the possibilities of mobile power. Keep multiple gadgets powered up better than ever, whatever your adventure.

Buyers Guide
  • “And I now no longer need to worry about running out of juice with no way to charge.” – Gam3r 4 Life
  • “This battery has a very nice and subtle design, and feels very solid.” – student T
  • “The battery seems to last a really long time when not being used to charge devices.” – Brittany

Suggestions of the Best charger for lipo batteries

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