Best Backpacking Solar Charger

If you’re looking for the best backpacking solar charger in the market, this is the place where you’ll find what you need.

All the backpacking solar charger on our page are preferred. You can charge your phone on the go, and besides, they are all small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

What are you waiting for? Come on. Hope you enjoy your shopping.

Best Selling Backpacking Solar Charger

PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger
PowerFilm, Inc

Ultra compact, ultra lightweight and yet very durable, the PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger is ideal for everyday use. Charging 2 AA batteries in 3 1/3 hours of full sun or 4 AA batteries in 6 2/3 hours of full sun, the AA Foldable Solar Charger provides highly-effective battery charging.

Product Ratings
  • “Mine charges AA batteries very quickly.” – Big Jon
  • “I was surprised to find that this unit actually does charge 4 AA’s even with an overcast cloudy day.” – Skilos
  • “It also has grommets to make it easy to use string or cord to affix it to a backpack or tie it down in windy conditions.” – M. Cox

Instapark® Mercury 10M Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Built-in Dual USB Ports for iPhone, iPad & all other USB Compatible Devices, 5200mAh Battery Pack

Converting virtually unlimited supply of solar power to much needed battery juice for your mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad and many, many more USB portable devices while you are on the go or there is a power outage or disaster strikes, the Instapark Mercury 10 is a light and compact USB solar charging system that easily fits in your purse, messenger bag or backpack.

Product Ratings
  • “The phone still charged quickly while charging the battery as well.” – Michael Van Wormer
  • “The panel charged the battery quickly even with partial cloud cover which is extremely important.” – J. Graff
  • “Solar cells need strong sun to work well, period.” – PT

Goal Zero 12201 Nomad 27M Solar Panel
Goal Zero

When space is tight and every ounce counts, the Nomad 27M solar panel from Goal Zero packs the perfect power source. Using 27 watts of highly efficient monocrystalline solar technology, its eight small panels provide plenty of power and conveniently fold into a small, lightweight portable case.

Product Ratings
  • “Well made and is more rugged than I first thought.” – james peterson
  • “I’m in the mountains alot, and now have a stable source of power to quickly refresh my electronics.” – Mark
  • “The lights were a welcome addition to an anniversary dinner in the wilderness.” – Donald Hom

Solarrific® C5009 5W Solar Backpack Panel
Solar Charger

Fulfill your energy needs wherever you go with this backpack panel. This backpack panel transforms any backpack into a portable gadget charging station.

Suggestions of the Best backpacking solar charger

Do you have any backpacking solar charger suggestions that you think backpacking solar charger would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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