Best 12 Volt Battery Charger

If you’re looking for the best 12 volt battery charger in the market, this is the place where you’ll find what you need.

All the 12 volt battery charger on our page are preferred. You can charge your phone on the go, and besides, they are all small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

What are you waiting for? Come on. Hope you enjoy your shopping.

Top 12 Volt Battery Charger

Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for NiMH/NiCd Battery Packs (6V - 12V) Perfect for RC or Airsoft Battery Packs --- NEW!
Palco Sports

An absolute must for any airsoft AEG batteries, RC, or other electric products. Integrated technology avoids battery overheating and and significantly increases battery pack’s cycle life.

  • “Charger works fine for my application.” – A12bulldog
  • “It has two amp settings for different voltage batteries, and charges them lightning fast!” – WRECKDIVINGFREAK
  • “No more batteries exploding in fire!” – David

12V Tenergy 300mA Charger for 6.0V - 9.6V Batteries with Standard Female Tamiya Connector (Charger Side)

Features and Benefits

* Compact Battery Pack Charger with LED
* Input: AC 110V, Wall Plug
* Output: DC 12V, 300mA charge.
* Built in Standard Female Tamiya connector
* Reliable 12V DC Power Supply
* Charges 6.

Hyperion EOS 1420i Net3 Charger - 1S-14S, 20A Max, 550W
Hyperion EOS Charger

Up to 14S, up to 20Amps – governed by a 550Watt maximum rating – that sums up the Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3. If you are into big electric crafts, be it fixed wing, boats or the rapidly growing 700e heli-class then the Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3 is definately for you.

  • “It comes with a well written manual to get you going, which you will probably need especially if you are new to these types of chargers like me.” – farmkid4
  • “I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality lipo/etc charger, excellent programmability and logging.” – Ryan J Toomer
  • “Known to be a very reliable unit with a great feature set.” – David Silva

Hitec 44151 X4 Quad DC Multi-Charger
Hitec RCD Inc.

This is a Hitec X4 Multi-Charger, which has four-port computer-controlled capability and is priced to keep you in charge of your wallet as well as your batteries.

  • “It is actually 4 individual chargers each having 10 user set save settings for your batteries, all independent from each other it is all just in one nice looking box.” – Pat F.
  • “Back lit LED display is extremely easy to read.” – Kyle Matthew
  • “When i used to think of what would be the perfect charger for me, I would envision something like this, so you have answered my prayers.” – Alex D. Katz

HiTec 44167 X4 AC Plus 4-Port AC/DC Multi-Charger
Hitec RCD

This is the Hitec X4 Plus AC/DC Powered Multi Charger, Discharger and Balancer.

Pro Charger with US Power Supply-Colors may vary
Venom RC

If you have been searching for just one RC battery charger to handle all of your charging needs, look no further!

  • “Its easy to use and understand.” – Scoot
  • “To add insult to injury, after charging just 3 x 1800 mah 3s lipos and 1 x 1300 mah 4s lipo, the venom charged displayed error message = “Vol input error”.” – Michael Brown
  • “I am not sure if the balance block is defective, or settings are wrong, but on balancing…all I can get is “connection break”.” – S. Boyer

Nikko Tyco RC Car Battery Pack Charger 23-327

Nikko Tyco RC Car Battery Pack Charger 23-327
for Tyco and Nikko racing vehicles that use 4.8, 6 and 9.6V battery packs.

Combo: Tenergy Smart Universal Charger: 7.2v-12v (#01005) + 7.2v 5000mah NiMH Battery Pack w/ Tamiya

Smart Universal Charger (for NiMH / NiCd Battery pack 7.2V – 12V) with charging current SelectionFeatures:
Best Charger for charging all RC Car, RC Airplane and Airsoft battery packs 7.

Suggestions of the Best 12 volt battery charger

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